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Maha Vedha Mudra

In Maha Vedha, press the Kanda with the left heel. Perform Mula Bandha. Place the right foot on the left thigh. Then perform Jalandhar Bandha by pressing the chin against the chest. Place both palms on the ground and then balancing the body on the hands raise the buttocks with the left heel pressing against […]

Maha Mudra

How to do: One has to first perform Mula bandha and press the Kanda(space between anus and the generative organ) by the right heel.Keep the left leg straight. Bend down and hold the big toe of the left foot with both hands. Bring the head down until it touches the knee. This position is also […]

Mudras for enlightenment

We had so far seen mudras for health and curing disease in my previous posts but there so many mudras beyond for health to enlightenment mudras. The meaning of mudras is a seal. It is called so because it seals the mind with the soul. Exercises falling under mudra are associated with retention of breath. […]

Yoni mudra or shanmukhi mudra

How to do: Adopt Sidhasana pose with both ears closed with the thumbs, both eyes with the index fingers, both nostrils with the middle fingers, and the mouth with the ring and small fingers.Inhale and retain the breath.Repeat Om and concentrate on Ajna chakra(between the eyebrows).Perform Mula Bandha and feel that kundalini shakti is ascending […]

Pitta and Kapha-naashak mudra

Pitta+Kapha-naashak mudra This mudra helps to overcome any ailment of a person having a Pitta+Kapha mix constitution.   How to do Pitta+Kapha nashak mudra Method: This mudra is formed by 1. Joining the tips of the thumb and the ring finger and 2. Applying the tip of the little finger to the base of the […]

Maatangi mudra,How to do,duration,precautions

Maatangi mudra is very useful to attain inner harmony.Practising this mudra helps you to achieve peace with your inner self and with the surroundings.   How to perform Maatangi mudra: This mudra is formed by interlocking the hands and keeping the middle fingers straight and touching each other like in the picture. Impact of maatangi […]

Vaata+ kapha nashak mudra

Vaata+Kapha)-naaashak mudra   This mudra helps to overcome any ailment of a person having a Vaata+Kapha mix constitution. How to do Vata+Kapha Nashak Mudra   This mudra Is formed by applying the tips of the index and the ring fingers to the base of the thumb. Duration: 45 minutes every day, either at one stretch […]