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Karala Ayurvedic Uses Indian laburnum (Golden flower)

Kerala gifted so many Ayurvedic remedies to the world. Indian laburnum is uniquely used in Kerala.   Constipation: Constipation is a condition that leads to many health hazards. It is a necessity that you should relieve constipation quickly and do bowel movements every day. Indian laburnum is a good remedy for constipation. How to use: […]

Anu tailam , Benefits, How to do

Anu tailam is an ayurvedic combination of medicine. It is very effective treating disorders above the neck. It is used in Ayurvedic Nasya. Anu tailam Benefits: Anu tailam nasaya will help to treat all the disorders of head, eyes, nose, ears, and mouth. Using two drops in nose everyday morning will help to prevent diseases, […]

Ayurvedic Uses Of Tamarind Leaves

Tamarind leaves have some unique healing properties. Here are a few of them. Take tamarind leaves dried in shade. Apply the power of this leaves on the wounds will help in quick healing. Take tamarind leaves boil in water. Take bath in the above solution after it cool. This will help to prevent body pains […]

Pancha Prana And It’s Functions

Prana is the vital force. Even it is one, it has five sub-divisions on the basis of its location in our body. Collectively we can call these Pancha Prana.   Prana: This pervades the region from the throat to the heart. It helps in the downward flow to the breath. Apana: It is located below the […]

A deep insight into Ayurveda- a holistic treatment

  Ayurveda a holistic treatment What is Ayurveda   Ayurveda happens to be one of the ancient systems of medicines across the globe. It is known to have been derived from the Sanskrit words, Ayur meaning life and Veda which indicates knowledge. The interconnection between people, health, and the universe is known to be the […]

Health benefits of Betel and Ayurvedic Uses

Betel has numerous health benefits. In this post, you will get how to use betel in different Ayurvedic treatments. Other names of Betel Piper Thambulavalli Pan, Tambuli Nagveli Vathalaikkodi Thamalapahu Vetulakkoli Vilyadele   Health benefits of Betel What are the effects of Betel We use the whole plant of betel. It can be used as […]

Boost Immunity through Ayurvedic way

Immunity is a system which strength to live a healthy life.It is the natural defence system of the body which always fights with the diseases. It protects us continuously from various illnesses. There are tonnes of bacteria present in our environment, in our food, in our air, under the nail and on the hair. If our […]