These Acupressure points will relieve back pain in minutes

Back pain

Back ache or back pain is become very common today.
Back pain is pain felt in the back that usually originates from the muscles, nerves, bones, joints or other structures in the spine. However, internal structures such as the gallbladder and pancreas may also refer pain to the back.

Reason for Back Ache:
1.       Because of the sedentary living habits.
2.       Heavy and hazardous work.
3.       Psychological conditions just as emotional stress.
4.       Overweight persons suffer from back ache because of carrying an extra load, rather than the weight of the entire body.

Symptoms of back Ache:
1.       The pain is commonly felt either in the middle or lower portion of the back .
2.       Sometimes it may spread both sides of the waists and hips.
3.       In this condition of heavy pain the patient will not even be able to move. He is completely bedridden.
4.       The back pain is caused even because of the muscular tension, incorrect nutrition by cause of the die tic errors and also because of the strain in joints.
5.       Female disorders chromic suffering form flu may also lead the backache.
1.       Use of garlic is an easiest home remedy, when there is backache.
2.       Every early morning in this condition , the patient must be habitual in taking 2 or 3 cloves every morning .
3.       Garlic oil when rubbed on the back , also gives good relief.
4.       Lemon juice should be mixed with common salt and should be taken atleast dialy twice to get good relief .
5.       If the patient eats the fruit s of chebulic myroblan daily after the meals also gets relief.
6.       Applying the raw patato in the form of poultice on  the back when there is pain , also given good relief.

Acupressure Points for Back pain:

First Acupressure point location:On the back of hand in between ring and little fingers and about 4 AIs above the nail of little finger.
Second Acupressure point for back pain location : Two points each about 2.5 AIs from central line of chest and 5 ais above the nipple line.
Third Acupressure point location: four points around navel.
Fourth Acupressure point location: Two points each 17-1/2 AIs below and 1-1/2 AIs either side of spine knob on neck. between 2nd and 3rd lumbar vertebrae.
Fifth Acupressure point for back pain location: Eight point or openings in the bone of sacrun each abot 1 AI from central line and 1 AI from each other.
Sixth Acupressure point for back pain location: 7 AIs above the inner ankle bone,exactly in the hollow in the lower middle portion of calf, almost half way between inner knee fold and top heal.
Seventh Acupressure point location: In the depression just in back/behind the outer bone. Use thumb to press hard.
Eighth Acupressure point for back pain location: In the depression just in the back behind of inner ankle bone.

1.       Fatty fried foods and curds should be avoided in this condition.
2.       Smoking to be given up completely . Shalbasana , Halasana, Shavasana, are very beneficial to get relief . Better to use fruit and milk as breakfast.
3.       Steamed vegetables and wheat chapathi for lunch . Raw salad and sprouts during the dinner time. Fresh fruit and juice in the evening bananas, not be used in this conditions.
4.       Lightly cooked or steamed vegetables should be used.