Detoxification Mudra ,Benefits, How to do, Duration

How to do Detoxification Mudra

Place each thumb on the inside edge of the third hinge of your ring finger. Do it with each hand. At least once a year, we must all schedule a detoxification treatment. Whether it’s done in a beautiful spa or at home, there’s no difference.


The most important thing is to take care of yourself and rest while you continue training (walking, doing yoga, breathing exercises) during this time. A rice or potato treatment has a very effective but gentle effect. eat light digestible bread with tea nettle for three to five days in the morning. For lunch and dinner, enjoy a meal of rice or steamed potatoes and steamed vegetables.


Drink tea or water between meals. Take an enema every other day and occasionally support the detoxification process with a compress. For example, a potato compress is fairly easy to use and almost attracts toxins from the body. It can be used to help with general cleansing by applying it to the liver or another part of the body that hurts.

Detoxification mudra
Detoxification mudra


Boil the potatoes in their skin and mash with a fork, wrap them in a cotton cloth and put them on the body. Wrap a warm towel around the body and the bag of potatoes. Leave the compress in place for about 30 minutes.

Go to bed often during detox days. It is time to use this mudra to help with the detoxification process. In addition to the wastes and toxins, you should consider the following: bad memories, old grudges, bad habits, negative character traits, fears, etc. This will lead to something new. That should be?

Make the following Visualization with enthusiasm several times a day!

Watch a movie where you can see what you are surrendering to. Give yourself enough time to do it. Then visualize the new qualities you want. Imagine everything new very lively and detailed. You believe in feelings (relief, pride, joy, etc.) you get when the goal is reached when his desire is fulfilled.