What are Mudras? The Secret behind it

Meaning of Mudra

Mudra is a term with many meanings. It is used to refer to a gesture, a mystical position of the hands, a seal or even a symbol. However, there are positions of the eyes, body positions and breathing techniques called mudras.

These symbolic positions of the fingers, eyes and body can vividly represent certain states of consciousness or processes. Conversely, certain positions can also lead to the state of consciousness they symbolize.

What does that mean in concrete terms? For example, a person who frequently and fervently performs the act of non-recklessness that is often seen in the representation of the deities of the Indians will also be freed from the intrepid over time. Thus, mudras attack certain areas of the brain and/or the soul and exert a corresponding influence on them. However, mudras are also physically active.

We can effectively engage and influence our bodies and minds by bending, crossing, stretching or touching our fingers with other fingers. Is not it wonderful

Mudras in Hatha yoga

In hatha yoga, there are 25 mudras. These include the positions of the eyes and body (asanas) and curls (bandhas). Especially in Kundalini Yoga sludge is used for hands in postures to improve its effectiveness.

Kundalini expert Lother-Riidiger Litge explains: “In this sense, Kundalini Yoga assumes that each part of the hand forms a reflex zone for an associated part of the body and the brain so that we can use our hands as a mirror for ourselves. Look at the body and the mind. ”

I recently meditated on the term Mudra. I am especially aware of the blocking symbol. A castle always hides a secret. We often use gestures unconsciously to seal something. For example, give particular weight to a decision or reach an agreement with another person, even with the cosmic consciousness. In the same way, we can seal something with our internal forms, we understand each other. I do not think we will ever fully understand the essence of mudras. The enigmatic touches the divine. Each Mudra, therefore, creates a special connection with the cosmic consciousness. In particular, this symbolism is the basis of the best-known hand-made yoga mudras, mudras up to the chin.

Chin Mudra

What are mudras
Chin Mudra

The thumb is a symbol of the cosmic (divine) and the index is a symbol of an individual (human) consciousness. The main or main goal of yoga is the unity of humanity with the cosmic consciousness with this gesture, the human expresses this desire with this desire. It is interesting to note that these two fingers belong to the metallic element in the Chinese theory of the five elements.

Metal is the material that drives better. He drives the energy. According to this doctrine, the element of metal also creates a connection with the cosmic world and creates inspiration and intuition in this element.

The index represents inspiration (external energy) and thumb, intuition (internal energy). In this gesture intuition and inspiration form a united unity.

The power of the microcosm and the macrocosm are interconnected and are fruitful. We see that we are at the other extreme if we dig enough in the archives of the ancient doctrine or if we look enough in the heights.

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