After the practice of yoga asana take rest for a while. That static electric energy and heat energy created during exercise activate body cell you get a feeling of freshness. Modern medical science accepts that a cleaned body and calm mind has the power of curative force for many diseases.

In Yoganidra conscious effort in made to direct mind and body towards state of rest and relaxation and it works like a auto suggestion.

Method: To practice yoganidra,lie down in shavasan,eyes closed,concentrate on breathing cycle.Calm the breathing to be fully relaxed physically.You can practice this for an hour .

After lying down in this state for about two minutes direct your awareness to the right toes.Move them on by one and together to loosen and relax them.Move the foot,sole ankle,calf muscle,knee,thigh and hip joint.loosen them to relax.Similarly left leg from toes to hip joint.Feel that blood circulation and nerve system are working calmly and relaxed.

After that move on to hands and digestive system and internal organ heart ,lungs and every vital organ are imagine that working calmly and effectively feel that you are getting full health and your immune system are strengthen.

Continue to lie this state for a while.After experiencing calmed respiration for a while slowly move the body and get up.