How To Relieve Back Pain Through Yoga and Ayurveda

Back pain is one of the problematic disorder in the modern world. Most of the present jobs demand long time sitting positions. If you didn’t take proper precautions you may be a victim of this painful condition. In this post, I am sharing symptoms, causes and natural treatments like yoga, yoga asana, Ayurveda, and mudra treatment.

Causes of back pain or a backache:

The major causes of back pain are problems in the muscles of the back.

Our back bears the entire weight of  body, causes any weakness in body leads to back ache.0

Stress and psychological problems cause back pain.

Back muscles are the one of the most using muscles any over strain may cause back pain.

Women are more prone to this back pain due to their over stain in pregnancy and periods.

Surgeries also weakness the body that may lead to back pain.

Lifting heavy weights may cause back pain.

Displacement of spinal disc also causes back ache.

Vitamin D, Calcium deficiency causes back pain.

Arthritis persons and the age group above forty years are more prone to back pain.

Natural treatments for Back pain:

1. Ayurveda medicine for back pain:

The herb dhompa rasna 50 gms

Devadharu 25 gms,

Amadhamveru 25 gms.

Punarnava 25 gms.

Gokshura 25 gms.

Amrutha or thipathiga 25 gms

All these herbs are useful to decrease vaata element with in the body. Mix  all the powders of these herbs and keep in dry container. You will take it in dose of one teaspoon powder boiled in a 200 ml water. When the water come to half the quantity cool it and take it twice daily.

In the treatment of back pain physical exercise and yoga is more important than medicines.

Yoga  asanas like bhujanga asana, shalabha asana, sethu  bandha asana are very useful to prevent back pain. These yoga asanas strengthens the back muscles. Regular practice of  physical exercise or yoga asanas will prevents back pain.

Yoga asanas to over come back pain:

Parivarita trikona asana, Back-stretching, Big tow pose, Bow pose, Bridge pose, Cat pose, Cobra pose, Cow face pose, Fish pose,Headstand pose, Shooting bow pose, Shoulder stand pose, Spinal twist pose, Spine thunderbolt Pose, Wheel pose. These Asanas are useful in the treatment of Backache.

Mudra treatment for backache

Vaayu mudra, vaata-nashak and appan vaayu mudra are very beneficial in the treatment of back pain click on the links to know more about how to do the mudras and duration.

Vaayu mudra

How To Relieve Back Pain Through Yoga and Ayurveda


How To Relieve Back Pain Through Yoga and Ayurveda

appan vaayu mudra

How To Relieve Back Pain Through Yoga and Ayurveda


Natural remedies and home remedies for back pain click here

All these natural treatments are very effective and thousands of persons tried this and benefited from this natural ways.

Do you practiced any of these or any other natural treatments to over come back pain? Please share your experience in comment section that will be beneficial many people.