Pada Hastasana Or Forward Bend Posture)

Pada Hastasana(forward_Bend Posture)

Pada means feet and Hasta means hands. In the final Positon hands will be kept by the side of the feet while bending the trunk forward.
Sthiti: Stand erect in a straight line keeping the heels together and toes a little apart. Expand the chest and drop the shoulders to a relaxed position. Keep the neck straight. Fingers together , facing downwards and palms stretched along the thighs by the sides. Relaxed face.
1.       With inhalation raise both the hands sideways upto shoulder level, palms facing down.
2.       Raise the hands up above the head with biceps touching the ears, palms facing forward. Continue the inhalation and stretch up the body from the coccyx.
3.       With exhalation bend forward till the body comes to the horizontal position, paraller to the ground .
4.       Bend further to touch the knees with the forehead and till the palms can rest on the ground, by the side of the feet , with exhalation . This is the final position of the asana. Breathe normally.
5.       Slowly  raise the head along with the hands from the coccyx parallel to the ground with inhalation.
6.       Raise the trunk along with the hands further upto vertical position of the body with continous inhalation.
7.       Bring the hands down sideways up to shoulder level with the exhalation.
8.       Bring the hands down i.e come back to sthiti while exhaling.
Benefits of  Pada Hastasana(forward_Bend Posture)
The entire posterior muscles sciatic nerve, tendons and ligaments of thighs and legs are stretched nicely . Spinal and pelvic nerves are toned up . Blood circulation to brain increases. Enhances secretion of gastric juices , reduces girth and slims down waist and hip muscles.
Good for digestive, gastric and intestinal problems. Useful in treating diabetes and improves function of the liver.
Improves surface awareness, awareness of blood flow to the head region . develops humility.
Caution :Persons suffering from high blood pressure and heart diseases should do with care; spondilitis and lumbago patients should avoid.
Subtle Points:
Mode of Bending:
Legs should be straight and top of the head towards the floor in the final position of the Asana.
Mode of Breathing:
Breathe out whenever you bend forwards and inhale while coming up. Normal breathing in the final position.