Mudras for yoga biginners

Chin Mudra

Holding the thumb and forefinger together lightly and having three remaining fingers extended is Chin Mudra.The fingers need only touch together no pressure is needed and the three extended fingers held as straight as possible. The hands can then be placed palms up on the thighs and an even rhythm of breathing established. Observe the flow of breath and its effect.

Chinmaya Mudra

In this mudra, the thumb and forefinger form a ring and the three remaining fingers are curled into the palms of the hands. Again the hands are placed on the thighs palms facing upwards and deep comfortable ujjai breaths are taken. Once more observe the flow of breath and its effect.

Adi Mudra

In Adi Mudra, the thumb is placed at the base of the small finger and the remaining fingers curl over the thumb forming a light fist. The palms are again placed facing upwards on the thighs and the breathing repeated.

Brahma Mudra

Here both hands are placed in Adi Mudra, then with the knuckles of both hands together the hands facing upward are placed at the navel area and the flow of breath continued.

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