Maha Sacral Mudra Benefits, How to do, Duration

Maha sacral mudra is also known as large pelvis mudra. It is highly beneficial in bladder problems.

How to do Maha Sacral Mudra

Place the cushion rings with your little fingers on your thumbs. Hold this position with your hands for 10 breaths. Now gather the tips of your small fingers and place the ring fingers on the thumbs. Continue this variation for 10 breaths.

Maha Sacral mudra
Maha sacral mudra


Do it as needed or three times a day for 7 minutes. This wonderful mudra helps with the discomfort in the lower abdomen; It is especially effective against pain during menstruation. It can also relieve the inactive intestines, intestinal spasms or disorders of the bladder and prostate, as it has a relaxing and balancing effect on energy. While practising this Mudra, you can practice Maha Bandha ten to thirty times. Repeat several times a day. Of course, this exercise can also be practised sitting on the toilet. The secret symptoms of many people are a weakness of the bladder, haemorrhoids, atony or tension in the bladder and anus.

Viparita Karani can also be used to combat the ness of the bladder and anal sphincter.