Karala Ayurvedic Uses Indian laburnum (Golden flower)

Kerala gifted so many Ayurvedic remedies to the world. Indian laburnum is uniquely used in Kerala.

Kerala Ayurvedic uses of Indian Laburnum



Constipation is a condition that leads to many health hazards. It is a necessity that you should relieve constipation quickly and do bowel movements every day. Indian laburnum is a good remedy for constipation.

How to use:

Take the stem of Indian laburnum, boil it in milk. Add sugar and have it every night to relieve constipation.

Skin Diseases:

Take Indian laburnum leaves and make a decoction from it. Have this 3 ml two times a day to relieve all types of skin diseases.

Fungal and Bacterial infection of the skin.

Take Indian laburnum leaves and turmeric. Grind it and apply on the affected area of skin. It will relieve all types of bacterial infections of the skin.