Kapalabhati Breathing technique

Kapalabhati kriya or breathing:

Kapala means skull, and bhati means to shine.Kapalabhati breathing is the best technique to improve intelligence.

Kapalabhati Kriya technique

Sit comfortably.Close both fists with the thumb inside and place them on the thighs touching each other.This is maha mudra.

Inhale in the mild, slow and prolonged manner and exhale quickly and forcibly by contracting the abdominal muscles with a backward push as many times as possible.Inhalation and exhalation occur simultaneously.Inhalation is mild and silent, and exhalation is forceful and vehement.

Beginners can do it 20 to 30 times the number should be increased gradually.

Benefits of kapala bhakti breathing

It cleans the respiratory and nasal passages.Asthma is relieved.Carbon dioxide is eliminated.It aids heart functions.Every single cell in the brain is stimulated to an extraordinary level.This is one of the best techniques to improve your intelligence and creativity.Kapalabhati enables the inhalation of a right amount of oxygen which purifies the blood and strengthen the nerves.This Kriya provides relief in many lung diseases, throat and chest disease like chronic bronchitis, pleurisy and tuberculosis.