Jalandhar Bandha

By Jalandhar Bandha exercise a yogi conserves the nectar which, the mystics say, flows from Sahasrara- crown of the head and consumed by Manipura Chakra fire. The conservation leads to long life, sound health and mystic powers. This exercise also opens the mouth of sushumna for awakening the kundalini shakti. Blood circulation is increased and throat troubles go.

How to do :Sit down on the floor either in Padmasan or Sukhasan pose. Hold the spine, neck and head erect in one line. Look to the front at the level of eyes. Palms should be placed on knees. Inhale slowly, hold the breath and bend the head downwards so that the chin touches the chest. Now raise both the shoulders a little upwards. Keep spine, head and neck straight. Stay in that position for 4 to 8 seconds. This exercise can be repeated four times in a day.

Disorders of the head, shoulders and cervical regions are removed. More useful for those who suffer from sinus and breathing trouble.