Uttita Parsvkonasana

Uttita Parsvakonasana

It is also called as ” Extended side angle pose.” Some people also have called  this pose as
Extended Side Warrior Pose:…
Benefits of Utthita Parsvakonasana
1. Strengthening legs, knees, and ankles
2. Stretching shoulders, chest and lungs, spine, waist, groins, legs, knees, and ankles
3. Stimulating abdominal organs
4. Improving the strength and stamina
Effects Of Uttita Parsvakonasan
This asana tones up the ankles and thighs. It
corrects defects in the calves and thighs,
develops the chest and reduces fat around the
waist and hips and relieves sciatic and arthritic
pains. It also increases peristaltic activity and
aids elimination.