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KUNDALINI Yoga- is it a blessing or a curse?

  SADHGURU explains the fundamental of KUNDALINI, its appearance as well as reviews the aspect of KUNDALINI Yoga. The mystic narrates the how one should approach this spiritual process with high reverence and the responsibilities of the individual who decide to walk through this pious path.   As per Yogic tradition, the KUNDALINI is represented […]

KUNDALINI Unveiling your eternal self

  Sadhguru, an eminent Yogi, and a spiritual master review the potential that KUNDALINI holds. The Mystic talks on the importance of KUNDALINI awakening that can give an eternal experience and reveals the treasure hidden within. The term KUNDALINI holds a reference to the perspective of energy that lays potent in mankind. Every mankind has […]

Kundalini Shakti

All life in the cosmos is animated by life-force or vital energy that is said to be the power that governs the universal power. The Indian word for this life-force is prana and Kundalini shakti , the Chinese call it chi, the Apache divin and the pygmies mana. This life force (kundalini Shakti or prana […]