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Dharana, Benefits,How to do, Speciality

Dharana is a yogic practice that enhances your concentration. Without concentration, you can not do any work. Even in normal work, such as eating, drinking, reading, writing, speaking, listening, walking, etc., concentration is required.   In the various schools where Dharana is taught, different procedures are used, such as Tratak, kriya, mantra, breathing awareness. The […]

Urdhva Dhanurasana, Benefits, How to do, Precautions

Urdhava Dhanurasana It is also called as “The Full Bridge yoga pose.”The meaning of “Urdhava” is upwards. Meaning of “Dhanu” is Bow. In this posture, the body is arched back and supported on the palms and soles…. Precautions : Avoid the pose or practising with care if you suffer from a back injury, carpal tunnel […]

Uttita Parsvkonasana

Uttita Parsvakonasana It is also called as ” Extended side angle pose.” Some people also have called  this pose as Extended Side Warrior Pose:… Benefits of Utthita Parsvakonasana 1. Strengthening legs, knees, and ankles 2. Stretching shoulders, chest and lungs, spine, waist, groins, legs, knees, and ankles 3. Stimulating abdominal organs 4. Improving the strength and […]

Ashtanga Yoga The Eight Fold Truth Of Reality

Ashtanga yoga Ashtanga yoga is a modernized form of ancient Patanjali yoga by K. Pattabhi Jois. It involves series of postures which synchronize with breath along with the postures. It heats the internal body, leading to profuse and purifying sweating that removes toxins from the body. It results in healthy circulation with a pure body […]

Tantra- The most Sacred and Vital part of Ancient India

History of Tantra   Tantra is the oldest branch of Indian spirituality. The texts and practices of tantra date back to 5th 9th century AD.  Tantra means to attain spiritual eminence. It also represents the way to spread the light of knowledge through scriptures describing practical aspects of Veda.  It is also the vital part of Vedic civilization, developed from […]

KUNDALINI Yoga- is it a blessing or a curse?

  SADHGURU explains the fundamental of KUNDALINI, its appearance as well as reviews the aspect of KUNDALINI Yoga. The mystic narrates the how one should approach this spiritual process with high reverence and the responsibilities of the individual who decide to walk through this pious path.   As per Yogic tradition, the KUNDALINI is represented […]

KUNDALINI Unveiling your eternal self

  Sadhguru, an eminent Yogi, and a spiritual master review the potential that KUNDALINI holds. The Mystic talks on the importance of KUNDALINI awakening that can give an eternal experience and reveals the treasure hidden within. The term KUNDALINI holds a reference to the perspective of energy that lays potent in mankind. Every mankind has […]