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A to Z of Mud Therapy

Mud therapies for curing and healing different diseases   The Earth was known  to be the prime source of medicines in middle and ancient ages. It is believed that the roots, herbs, and leaves consist of healing power.  Mud bath and mud pack are considered to be among the well renowned curative medicines of Earth. […]

Diabetic Ketoacidosis

Diabetic Ketoacidosis is a very serious condition that occur when your diabetic sugar are on high level for a long period of time.This condition happens only for those who is not checking their sugar levels and leading a improper diet. This type of problems occurs more in the type-2 diabetics or insulin depended diabetics.The risk […]

Moisture Your Dry Skin Naturally

Dry skin is one of the most irritating and common problem in winter season.The major reasons for dry skin are  pollution, harmful rays, ageing and nutritional deficiency. But don’t worry, here is the natural solution for your dry skin and you can get a silky and smooth skin by following it. Natural home remedies are […]