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Anti-aging foods for skin care

Beauty is the prime concern in the present time . Almost 30% of time and money is spending on it. But modern  man still  not able to get a  satisfied result. The main reason is  all of us go for instant result. But instant results are not possible in every situation. Beauty  is a precious […]

Amazing facts about garlic

Do you know that garlic is a wonder drug that can cure infectious diseases. It is a natural antibiotic, because it contains allicin. One milligram of garlic is equal to 15 oxford units of penicillin. It kills 72 infectious bacteria that spread diarrhoea, tuberculosis, cholera, etc. Garlic is a marvelous remedy for pneumonia and diphtheria. […]

Healing Power of Yellow Colour

Yellow colour is associated with joy and happiness, yellow is laxative and diuretic. It is a stimulant to the brain, the liver and the spleen. It is also effective in the treatment of diabetes,indigestion, liver and kidney disorders. Also constipation, eye and throat infections, syphilis and impotence are healed by yellow colour

Why we should include vegetables in our diet?

Vegetables are extremely rich source of minerals, vitamins and enzymes. Faulty cooking and prolonged careless storage, however, destroy these valuable nutrients. Most of the vegetables are, therefore, best consumed in their natural raw state in the form of salads. There are different kinds of vegetables. They may be edible roots,stems, leaves,fruits and seeds. To prevent […]

Symptoms of Magnesium Deficiency

Magnesium is a vital mineral for many important body metabolism. 1. Kidney damages and Kidney stones. 2. Muscle cramps. 3.Atherosclerosis 5. Heart attack. 6.Epileptic seizures. 7.Nervous irritability. 8.Marked depression and confusion 9. Impaired protein metabolism and premature wrinkles. 10. Retarded growth 11. Digestive disorders. 12. Abnormal bone development and deformities. If you seen any symptoms […]