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What is Drug Addiction?

Drugs are psychoactive substances that are likely to induce psychological effects successively, as a strengthening of the performance of a state of mental or physical dependence. The drug creates physical, psychic addiction and severe mental, perceptual and behavioral disorders. Toxicomania is a psychosomatic condition that results from the interaction of the individual with a specific […]

9 Simple ways to motivate others

1. Give recognition: It will give them a feeling of accomplishment. 2. Give respect: It will improve their self-esteem 3. Be a good Listener : It will help them to share their views and Ideas. 4. Make work interesting : It will help them to work better and long periods. 5. Encourage goal setting: Helps […]

Are you not able to make decisions?

Normally when we are taking major decisions all of us feels confused but leading a life full of confusion is a disorder. Confusion is a state of mind we are unable to choose what is right. When the brain gets less oxygen supply we tend to live in a confusion. Brain needs 20% of oxygen […]