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A to Z of Kalari Therapy

KALARI Therapy   KALARICHIKILSA, alternatively called KALRI Therapy is the medicinal system, specializing in treating orthopedic ailments as well as sports injuries. This system has its foundation on AYURVEDA and it produce magical remedies if applied on Neuromuscular ailments like back pain and arthritis.  This therapy can heal the inborn imperfections in the human body […]

Chromotherapy Or Healing powers of Colours

Chromothereapy is one of the easy and natural way of treatment of diseases by colours. Chromotherapy is used as a best supportive therapy along with natural treatment like correct diet, adequate rest and relaxation, exercise, yoga asanas, mudra and acupressure. Chromotherapy is based on a belief that the cause of any disease can be traced […]

The Benefits of vegetarianism

1.A Vegetarian diet have many nutritional benefits. 2. One of the major benefits of a proper vegetarian diet is its low caloric content in relation to the bulk supplied, which helps maintain ideal weight. 3. A vegetarian diet has very less chance of heart diseases related to non-vegetarian diet. 4. Another beneficial of vegetarian diet […]

Nature Cure vs Modern System

We all are very much tend to use modern medical system, but we don’t know all the benefits and draw backs of this System. Let us compare nature cure with modern system. The modern medical system treats the symptoms and suppresses the disease but does little to ascertain the real cause. Toxic drugs which may […]

How To Formulate A Positive Affirmation

“Subconscious mind is the action program of our body when mind had given a command it take as it is .Subconscious mind doesn’t has  intelligence to discriminate good or bad,and it doesn’t know the difference between imagination and reality.Subconscious mind hears a word and give it picture if there is no suitable picture it will use […]

Massage Therapy

What is Massage Therapy Massage Therapy is the manipulation of soft body tissues, originally done by hand but given time instruments have been designed to help in that purpose. We could say that it is a mixture between art and science; you have the skilled hands of the therapist applying his physiological knowledge to reach […]

Birth flower

Birth flower Similar to a birthstone and an astrological sign, there are birth flowers which have a corresponding meaning and character that is being attributed What is your Birth Flower? (Getty Images) to the person who was born during a certain month. Check out your birth flower and consequent personality traits: 1. January Birth Flower […]