Benefits of Sukhasan

Sukhasan is ideal for those who find padmasan difficult, Less tiring yet effective.

How to do Sukhasan:

  1. Sit with both legs straight.
  2. Bend the right knee and place its heel on the ground in front of genital with out exerting any pressure.
  3. Bend the left knee and place this foot in front of right foot.
  4. Push a cushion of say2′ thick under the buttocks to provide sight tilt forward.
  5. Keep the head and spinal column straight, but with out straining.
  6. Place hands on the knees, as in padmasan; maintain gyan mudra and concentrate on third eye.
  7. Breathe normally and maintain pose.

Benefits of Sukhasan:

Tranquilizes mind and heart.

Relieves stiffness of knees and joints.

Guards against rheumatism.

Reduces fat around thighs and calves.

Increases blood flow to pelvic organs and gonads; this invigorates the coccyx region and nerves of sacrum.

improves digestion.

perfect posture for meditation.