Bakasana, Benefits, How to do, Precautions


Bakasana or crane pose how to do it and its health benefits.
Crane pose

Bakasana is a unique asana that refers to a bird called Crane. In Sanskrit Baka stands for
Crane and also while practising this asana the
body structure exactly looks like body posture of
bird Crane that is why it is also named as Crane

It is synchronized form of asana
entirely dependent on arms balance and
provides high endurance power to the person
Who always remains tense & nervous. Instead of
huge strength one only requires high tolerance,
concentration and positive behaviour for practising this asana.


If you are not familiar with this posture, it can be a bit painful for your wrists. So be careful. Avoid this position if you have injured your wrist or arm. Pregnant women should also avoid this asana. People with carpal tunnel syndrome should completely avoid this asana. This position should be made as early as possible in the morning.

This attitude gives your practitioner a lot of power and flexibility. Many people say that this asana heals your body perfectly. This posture helps to provide your body with a perfect balance. There are huge health benefits associated with this asana. Read on to learn more about the health benefits.


Advantages of Bakasana:

1) Bakasana benefits you for strengthening your wrists & arms.
2) It helps you to toughen your upper back.
3) It is much useful asana for building your abdominal muscles tough and durable.
4) It also helps you to make your abdominal organs toned and fit.


Health benefits:

  • Bakasana has an extraordinarily positive effect on our body.
  • It really helps tone your body and provides high-quality support for your abdominal muscles.
  • It gives your spine elasticity through excessive stretching of the upper back.
  • This really helps the digestive system work well, reduces its tendency to accumulate acid and also helps recover from heartburn.
  • This yoga asana promotes the general development of your body. T
  • his not only helps with coordination and concentration but also balances the body.
  • Stimulate your organs, especially the groin and abdomen.

With this asana, you can feel like a bird and the air plays a very important role for you. So start this pose starting today. This will really help you stay fit and healthy. So start learning and practicing with pleasure. In case of pain, contact an experienced doctor.

Precautions for Bakasana:

1) One should avoid this asana in carpal tunnel syndrome.
2) Women should practice it during pregnancy.
3) Put eye in front and avoid looking down.
4) Once the balance is maintained then extend your hands as much as possible.
5) Keep breathing steadily and avoid holding it.
6) Dont practice this asana in case if you feel too much of pain.
7) It should be practised under expert supervision or guidance. People suffering from heart and high BP
should not practice this asana.

Asanas described here should be practised strictly under the guidance of Yoga teacher or under the supervision of yoga Instructor only.