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The Benefits of Ketamine Treatment  Reduce Chronic Pain

    Thousands of people have used Ketamine therapy for a variety of conditions, including chronic pain and mental health disorders. The treatment can be costly, but the benefits far outweigh the cost. Some patients report feeling euphoric, talkative, or disconnected from reality. They may also experience heightened perceptions and the sounds of background noise. […]

Karala Ayurvedic Uses Indian laburnum (Golden flower)

Kerala gifted so many Ayurvedic remedies to the world. Indian laburnum is uniquely used in Kerala.   Constipation: Constipation is a condition that leads to many health hazards. It is a necessity that you should relieve constipation quickly and do bowel movements every day. Indian laburnum is a good remedy for constipation. How to use: […]

What is Drug Addiction?

Drugs are psychoactive substances that are likely to induce psychological effects successively, as a strengthening of the performance of a state of mental or physical dependence. The drug creates physical, psychic addiction and severe mental, perceptual and behavioral disorders. Toxicomania is a psychosomatic condition that results from the interaction of the individual with a specific […]

Maha Sacral Mudra Benefits, How to do, Duration

Maha sacral mudra is also known as large pelvis mudra. It is highly beneficial in bladder problems. How to do Maha Sacral Mudra Place the cushion rings with your little fingers on your thumbs. Hold this position with your hands for 10 breaths. Now gather the tips of your small fingers and place the ring […]

What are Mudras? The Secret behind it

Meaning of Mudra Mudra is a term with many meanings. It is used to refer to a gesture, a mystical position of the hands, a seal or even a symbol. However, there are positions of the eyes, body positions and breathing techniques called mudras. These symbolic positions of the fingers, eyes and body can vividly […]

Dharana, Benefits,How to do, Speciality

Dharana is a yogic practice that enhances your concentration. Without concentration, you can not do any work. Even in normal work, such as eating, drinking, reading, writing, speaking, listening, walking, etc., concentration is required.   In the various schools where Dharana is taught, different procedures are used, such as Tratak, kriya, mantra, breathing awareness. The […]

Hanuman Asana, Benefits, How to do, Precautions

Hanumanasana is one of those many yoga postures that help you rejuvenate your body. Yoga was an art to stay healthy through a slow process of asanas, some simple, others difficult. When you breathe deeply and your mind resonates with peace and structure, your body goes through a training process. In today’s article, we will […]